Ramadan Quiz 1443

Quiz Rules

  • A question will be posted on Pension Office’s Facebook page every day from 1st Ramazan to 30th Ramazan 1443.
  • Participants are required to write the answer in the comments section for each question within 24 hours of posting the question.
  • Each participant must use a single ID throughout the quiz. Answers sent from multiple IDs will not be accepted as answers submitted by a single participant irrespective of the owner of the ID being the same individual.
  • Winners will be announced via Pension Office Facebook Page.
  • Pension Office staff and immediate family members can not participate in this Quiz.


  • Weekly Prize

A weekly draw will be taken among all participants who submit correct answers to all questions posted within the week. A total of 4 weekly draws will be taken throughout the Quiz duration. Each week winner will receive a cash prize of MVR 1,000.

  • Grand Prize

Participants who get all the answers correct will enter the draw and 3 lucky winners will be selected. The first, second and third winner will receive a cash prize of MVR 5000, MVR 3000 and MVR 2000 respectively. To enter the draw, participants will be required to provide their national ID card number. To obtain this information, Pension Office will contact participants who qualify to enter the draw, via their Facebook page.

Quiz learning materials

Contact us

Queries and complaints regarding the quiz can be sent to [email protected]